Automate manual tasks by integrating disparate activities
into structured work streams. 


Simplify your IT environment with software and infrastructure managed professionally.

Public Sector

Two decades of services to government and education customers.


Enterprise solutions while embracing existing investments.

About Us

Krasan is a Women Owned Small Business, we are an Information Technology Consulting and Solutions Integrator headquartered in Chicagoland. Krasan continues to be relied upon by its customers as a trusted partner in their success. We have achieved this through the combination of best-in-class solutions and the smart use of standard practices, procedures, and methods. Krasan has developed useful methods and practices for effective technology delivery that have served our projects well in the form of predictable and consistent delivery.

What we Do


Custom solutions for your specific business needs. In today’s world of changing …


The transaction processor that drives across business silos, the glue that keeps your business running effectively across functions …


Data Engineering now takes a front and center priority for many organizations as they deal with the myriad of information …


Rarely an application is implemented without some integration to other existing applications in an enterprise.  To do so is invariably to create redundant data, data quality issues …


Secure your organization from an increasing number of threats. Today’s hyperconnected landscape poses heightened security risks  It is imperative for enterprises …


Just as you don’t go to a builder and say build me a building, to come back sometime later to find it is up and ready to move into …

At Krasan We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business


Why Krasan?

Krasan is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)  serving public sector customers with innovative information technology solutions and staff support services. Krasan specializes in getting the public sector workforce integrated with industry leading products and services as well as streamlining the acquisition process to help government serve the people.

Delivery Discipline

Delivery discipline is vital in delivering quality IT solutions.  It requires a systematic approach to solving business problems that use technology. Our consultants utilize our tried and tested methodologies, as well as industry standards to provide a disciplined approach in consideration of our customer’s end goal; we leverage our customer’s existing technologies, timelines, and budgets to ensure our customers’ objectives are met successfully. In addition, we introduce new technologies through a practical approach that includes change management and training. This allows the customer to adapt to new systems effectively.

We take this approach to consulting seriously; no project or engagement is too small.   Whether it is strategic staffing to assist in project implementation, or to provide maintenance and support, or to manage a project from inception to completion, we work with you as partners aiming to a common goal.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

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