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Custom solutions for your specific business needs. 

In today’s world of changing landscape of technology, it is more essential than ever to evaluate and leverage existing technology investments and evolve into new investments where applicable. Whether you are to streamline internal business processes or leverage automation, Krasan Consulting provides an array of services to help you develop secure, scalable applications.  Krasan can help to increase efficiency in business cycles, integrate existing systems with new technologies such as Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning, or automate using Robotic Process automation.

We focus on your overall strategy and enable technology to support that via high-performance applications to serve your customer.

Solution Based Services

Krasan’s Application Development services help organizations develop business applications that suit their specific requirements. We work with our customers from analysis through development, to build systems that integrate processes—either by taking full responsibility or by collaborating with your in-house teams. Krasan’s Application Development Methodology employs Agile or Waterfall project management styles based on the type of application we will be developing and the customer’s preference.

Our Application Development services include:

  • Roadmap planning 
  • Architecture Design
  • Prototyping 
  • Development, Testing, Deployment, and Support 
  • API Development
  • Mobile Development

Business Benefits

  • Applications designed to provide competitive advantage 
  • Through integration accelerate the pace at which transactions are processed
  • Enable the organization to track, monitor, and measure activities
  • Produce practical solutions while leveraging existing investments
  • Methodical approach allows accurate measure of development progress

Whether we are applying technology to fill a gap or encompass a new business practice, one invariable starts with the existing portfolio aiming to extend past investments’ usefulness.

Sometimes, however, stretching that rubber band may break it.

Enterprises need to understand their IT inventory to balance between leveraging existing investments and moving to new development. It may mean enhancing what is in place or replacing legacy solutions that do not fit anymore.

Our services will support customers by evaluating existing applications and determining the path forward that effectively supports business goals.

In supporting Modernization, we provide services in:

  • Application Rationalization
  • Portfolio Evaluation and Management
  • Business Capability Assessment
  • Prototyping 
  • Transformation Strategy
  • Roadmap planning

Business Benefits

  • Capitalize on existing investment when possible
  • Clarity in investments required along with any business transformation
  • Roadmap to Modernize processes and technologies
Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility is the ability for all to access and enjoy information, technology products and services, regardless of an impairment or limitation. Applying that capability to information technology solutions is no trivial matter.

One in four people in the United States have some form of disability.  Institutions with a singular focus on access through digital technologies can face stiff penalties when their digital assets are not compliant.  Not only is there a legal risk, but the potential loss of revenue, damage to reputation and bad public relations make Accessibility a priority for many organizations. Designing for Accessibility when developing digital assets is the key, regardless of whether the asset is a website, a business application, or a PDF document.

Our services acknowledge that digital assets are dynamic and must not simply be verified for accessibility, but require vigilance through their life span.

Our Accessibility Services include:

  • Audit and Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Remediation Services
  • Education and Training
  • Governance
  • Legal Advisory

Business Benefits

  • Ongoing verification of digital assets can be outsourced
  • Complex regulations and changes are identified by experts
  • IT shops can focus on their business’ differentiators
  • Ongoing verification can be acquired as a service that frees up company personnel to more value-added activities
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As technology evolves and various disparate applications automate the siloed business process, the rise of tedium occurs. Tedious tasks are a lot of like cut and paste, moving between various applications to continue the workflow, or just performing routine, mundane tasks. Research shows that this is one of the unwanted side effects of the digital era.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has the potential to shift many mundane tasks to software robots (bots) and artificial intelligence (AI) workers who can take care of busy work and free up employees to do more important tasks.

Automation is not a new word or new process. RPA is not any different from various methods of automation we have developed and utilized over the years of technology evolution. RPA approaches automation from a different perspective using workflows just like the way a human does: By clicking, cutting, copying, and pasting data between apps, filling out digital forms, sending emails, and interacting with computers at the user level.

RPA technology are modern tools with a basis in software bots and AI. RPA and AI bring many exciting solutions across diverse industries. It has become a mainstream focus for many industries as they are trying to integrate robotics and advanced digital technology platforms to achieve true automation. Using RPA tools one can create a “robot,” to capture and interpret information to process a transaction, manipulate data, and trigger a response. This entails a range of capabilities from reading documents, to collecting structured data with one or multiple bots aimed at integrating activities across a transaction.

The ease and power in use of RPA comes from the ability to watch the user perform tasks in an application’s graphical user interface (GUI), and then perform the automation by repeating those tasks directly in the GUI. Simpler said than done, Krasan Consulting services aim at ensuring that the design, process flow, and governance are in place to support an organization’s goal. At Krasan, we use RPA to automate business processes and drive efficiency and productivity. This automation will eliminate tedious tasks and free up workers to focus on work that is of higher value.

Our RPA services include:

  • Architecture Design
  • Tool Implementation
  • Prototyping 
  • Bots Development, and Testing
  • Training

Business Benefits

  • RPA will accelerate transaction speed and reduce associated human error by automating manual activities.
  • Revenue growth can be supported without increase in staff costs.
  • RPA and Bots are typically low-cost and easy to implement, with 3 to 12-week implementation cycles.
  • Enterprises can supercharge their automation efforts by injecting RPA with cognitive technologies such as ML, speech recognition, and natural language processing, automating higher-order tasks that in the past required the perceptual and judgment capabilities of humans.


The transaction processor that drives across business silos, the glue that keeps your business running effectively across functions, call it your back room, your business system, or your ERP system. Whether it is a custom solution, or a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) application, vendors and businesses are keeping pace with the increased automation brought by AI, robotics, and IoT. In this transformational time, be it going to the cloud, or improving the user experience, an ERP system can help facilitate growth in enterprise revenue, improve organization-wide productivity, improve efficiency, and manage costs. Your experienced ERP provider can enable their collaborative network to bring your organization needed digital transformation, ERP stability, and keep your technology relevant.

ERP Services

Krasan provides integration, customization and maintenance services for COTS applications as well as implementation, upgrades and application support for ERP systems including: Oracle on Premise, and Cloud; Oracle PeopleSoft and Peoplesoft Campus, SAP and Success Factors. Our capabilities offer greater flexibility to our clients. With our years of industry experience and technical expertise, we help clients realize the full potential of their ERP solution. Our expertise includes HCM, Financials, and Supply Chain.

Business Benefits

  • Deliver robust and best-in-class business functionality
  • Allow your organization to take advantage of standard application solutions 
  • Allow your employees to work smarter and more efficiently 
  • Improve productivity, accelerate performance, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
  • Reduce back-office costs using standardized processes and integrated performance management tools

A Corporate ‘No-Cloud’ Policy is now as rare as a ‘No-Internet’ policy. 

In today’s economy, companies are shifting to a “cloud-first” and soon, a “cloud-only” business model. As companies make the digital transition from on-premise to the cloud, some are choosing to leverage hybrid IT environments along the way. Using cloud solutions, enterprises can use advanced technologies without disrupting their overall IT strategy.

Krasan’s Cloud provides our clients options:
Krasan implements selected cloud applications while leaving your existing on-premise core applications untouched. HCM for example can be implemented as a co-exist option. You can lower your costs and risks while trying out modern applications without destabilizing core applications. Krasan can take vendor provided tools and frameworks to deliver processes that keep core data in sync with cloud applications. This will eliminate the need to enter data in two systems.
Full Implementation

Core applications along with other required business applications can be implemented on the cloud. There are many product combinations available to smooth the implementation process. Krasan can help you decide on an optimum set of applications and can also help with creating the roadmap. Our experts have significant experience in business process engineering to guide you through the decision-making process.

Cloud Sustainability
Krasan understands what it takes to run a business. We know that the end of an implementation is just the beginning for productive business activities. This is where you need the most support. Krasan will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make life easier. We can perform various tests, and check behind the scenes while business users continue to use the applications.

Business Benefits

  • Ensure that your system stays healthy 
  • Run various tools and scripts to report on data quality
  • Regularly check security configurations and monitor access, ensuring full adherence to your policies and procedures 
  • Sustain your operations based on current usage and future business events 
  • Evaluate and recommend optimal timing to incorporate new features into the production environment 
  • Test your existing business process flows to ensure that continuous improvement does not result in regression 
  • Ensure that your business requirements are considered actively during vendor product development


Data Engineering now takes a front and center priority for many organizations as they deal with the myriad of information coming from different systems and from IoT sources (Big Data).  It starts with architecture of your data platforms to fit the organization’s purpose, and leads to the activities of converting that data to useful information on one plain, and results in enlightened organizations.


Volume of data continues to double every three years. As the cost of storing large volumes of data has plummeted, companies and organizations have piled up massive amounts of data. While data analysts and scientists have unprecedented computing power at their fingertips, only few organizations and companies have captured better returns from their investments in business intelligence and data analytics.
Krasan’s business intelligence and data analytics solutions have a proven track record of enabling big and small companies, city, state and federal agencies by implementing modern business intelligence and analytics architecture.

Our seasoned BI and Data Analytics professionals, with an average tenure of 20 years, lend their expertise in setting up business processes, technical design and architecture, and governance framework that match industry best practices and quality standards.

Krasan’s Solutions

Krasan’s solution offers an assessment of your organization’s business intelligence, analytics, and big data maturity against industry standard capability maturity models.

Business Benefits
Our solution delivers more than a report card showing your organization’s level of maturity. Upon completion of our assessment, your organization receives:

  • A detailed assessment report highlighting your company’s areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • A prioritized list of BI and data analytics initiatives to address your weaknesses
  • An actionable roadmap that will help you catapult to a higher maturity level
Data Governance and Management

Krasan’s seasoned data management professionals help organizations develop data governance policies, data audit policies, data quality policies, data retention policies, as well as implementing a master data management and metadata repository.

Business Benefits

Krasan’s Data Governance and Management solution enables your organization to realize the full potential of your investments in your BI, Data Analytics, and Big Data eco-system.  Your organization will realize immediate and long-term ROI from the following:

  • Gain trust in your data assets from improved data quality and consistency
  • Provide toolkits (framework, policies, and systems) to manage big data 
  • Enable business users make faster, reliable critical decisions

Application Integration

Rarely an application is implemented without some integration to other existing applications in an enterprise.  To do so is invariably to create redundant data, data quality issues, introduce manual processes, and under optimize the business.  

One can create point to point connections between two systems, use ETL tools to push data around, implement an application integration architecture, or acquire a middleware to act as your integration bus.  At one end the management of integration points may become difficult and unproductive, at the other end the cost of developing and supporting an integration bus may be unattainable.  At Krasan we guide you to the middle ground that works for your company and addresses your current needs and plans for your future requirements.

Business Benefits

  • The value in your applications is achieved through integration
  • Where necessary, copies of data from separate applications can be synchronized for consistency
  • User experience and digital transformation become a reality through interconnectivity
  • Computers do the repetitive work that is time consuming and error prone in manual processes

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a computing interface that defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. It allows applications to talk to each other and allows mobile apps or platforms to share its data with other apps and platforms.

With the continuing growth of mobile device usage, the number of mobile-ready APIs has grown exponentially. For example, the Apple device (iOS) API is used to detect touchscreen interactions. In addition, most vendor COTS products provide APIs making it easier to integrate your homegrown solutions to the commercial application, as well as integrate different applications together.

At Krasan we offer customized API development solutions. Our teams understand the need to ease user experience allowing people to access the information from a different platform or platforms without resorting to a manual process. The API can be entirely custom, specific to a component, or it can be designed based on an industry standard to ensure interoperability with applications you are using. Either way your API becomes a common interface specifically for all your custom development.

Business Benefits

  • Automation: Computers can manage the work while your partners can connect their work-flows to make them quicker and more productive in your interactions
  • Personalization: Through APIs any user or company can customize the content and services that they use the most.
  • New data available: An API allows all of the information generated at the government level to be available to every citizen, not just a select few.
  • Efficiency: When access is provided to an API, the content generated can be published automatically and is available for every channel. It can be shared and distributed more easily.


Secure your organization from an increasing number of threats.

Today’s hyperconnected landscape poses heightened security risks. It is imperative for enterprises to make cybersecurity one of their top business priorities.

Krasan’s Solutions

Krasan’s Cybersecurity team helps our clients secure their organizations by providing protection, monitoring, and internet security advisory services. We help organizations define their security perimeters and goals, as well as the processes and procedures needed to detect and resolve security threats—even before they happen.

Our Cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Systems Security Assessment 
  • Applications Security 
  • Security Training 
  • Cloud Security Certification for Products

Business Benefits

  • Improve compliance 
  • Detect and remediate security threats faster 
  • Reduce fraud, theft, and data leakage 
  • Simplify security operations and reduce the burden on your security and network professionals


Just as you don’t go to a builder and say build me a building, to come back sometime later to find it is up and ready to move into, Information Technology solutions require dialogue; discussion of purpose; understanding of the existing environment; fit to company goals and business model. 

The complexity in IT requires understanding the infrastructure and software currently in use, the business processes affected, the personnel involved, the capabilities, tolerance for change, and investment capacity. Revealing all this requires experience and expertise.

Krasan Consulting Advisory Services helps its customers understand and articulate in a layperson’s language the value in your IT Investments.  We bridge the technology knowhow to the executive decision makers, this facilitates investment decisions that both solve current problems and are designed to meet future needs.

Our IT Advisory Services include the following activities:

  • IT Strategy
  • Technology Assessments and Proof of Value
  • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering
  • Application Rationalization and Modernization Services 
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Program Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Cloud Enablement (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Mobile Strategy

Business Benefits

  • As a third party we provide and an unbiased and objective view
  • Proven experience and expertise that introduces insights from other firms and industries
  • Our methods categorize and bring objectivity to complex conditions
  • Determine current status, the gap, and the future technology needs
  • Provides the where to go and how to get there strategy
  • Upgrades your own capabilities and capacities with specialists and seasoned personnel

The right talent, right when you need it.
Workforce changes, mergers and acquisitions, and employee induction—these are just a few of the challenges all businesses face when it comes to staffing.

Companies want to ensure that they have the right talent to achieve their business objectives. As they strategically identify the right skills and qualifications needed in key positions, gaps are recognized.  Sometimes those gaps are surprises.  That is where we come in.

Krasan’s Strategic Staffing provides full-time, part-time or contract staff, giving you the flexibility to match your staffing needs within your timeframe and budget. With our Strategic Staffing, you get trained staff with the experience and expertise to make an impact right away.  Our solutions based business results in a Talent Management team that knows how to recruit for purpose and specialized business needs.

Our Strategic Staffing service provides on-site and off-site developers, analysts, architects, managers, trainers and subject matter experts (SMEs) who can provide:

  • Database Implementation, including Oracle and Microsoft Database 
  • Application Implementation, including Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and SAP 
  • Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehouse
  • Hyperion Planning and ESSBASE 
  • Program Management and Project Management 
  • Support and Maintenance 
  • In-house Development 
  • Administrative Services

Business Benefits

  • Increase organizational flexibility 
  • Use temporary and contract services to meet workforce challenges 
  • Develop a comprehensive staffing strategy and deliver real bottom-line results 
  • Identify your staffing requirements and provide a thorough screening process to give you the right resources for your needs

Public Sector

Krasan Consulting is wrapping up a second decade of continuous management consulting and solutions integrations services in the Public Sector. Our work in this arena has been varied and enriching.
Our customers have trusted our expertise with their critical systems, we’ve implemented and supported COTS applications such as:

  • Enterprise Human Capital Systems
  • Financial Systems, and
  • Public Sector Planning and Budgeting

Our Management Consulting services has taken us to working with Police and OEMC in supporting systems and in transforming processes. This has also involved us in development of Loyalty Programs for very large public transportation network. Our Application Rationalization efforts have taken us to defining the roadmap in modernizing mainframe solutions into state-of-the-art technologies that support large enterprise wide Retirement Benefits and Pensions.

Our solutioning has resulted in state-of-the-art DOT Capital and Construction Management systems that recognized the complexity of multiple grant funding and manages the financial lifecycle of a project. By capturing job costing at a project and fund level it allows us to budget and to invoice at each project stage, thereby recovering costs on a timely basis, while meeting grant commitments. This ground up application replaced a legacy Project Management solution which was built on technology no longer supported. Starting with process review and engineering, designing state of the art development tools, this full lifecycle project was designed as a data driven solution using a hybrid and iterative methodology. The project included design, development, change management, process re-engineering, data conversion and migration and ad-hoc support as the customer required additional enhancements and maintenance.

Our Public Sector Exposure has also translated into offering integrated and holistic Child Welfare Transformation Solutions designed to modernize the way that child welfare agencies identify, recruit, license, evaluate and retain foster parents, adoptive parents, and relative care providers. The center piece of our solution is our “Smart Match” processes that use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to rapidly evaluate the strengths, needs, and special characteristics of child

Intake and Investigation: Rapidly capturing the right information and getting it to the right people is critical to ensure later on that the child placement and the management of a Case occurs effectively. It starts with understanding the family history, with triggers on the family record that assists Intake in recognizing a recurring problem immediately. Our solution aims to provide the needed information that support Investigations with data that is just in time. The goal is to make smart proactive decisions early in the process that allow breaking a Cycle which becomes prejudicial to the child.

Placement and Capacity Management: Successfully matching and placing children with out-of-home care providers in an effective and efficient manner is a constant struggle that is only compounded further by not having an accurate, up-to-date view into your foster care placement capacity at any given moment. Our bed-level view of care provider capacity enables you to know at an instant who’s available for placement. Our Smart-Match Technology allows you to then assess your available capacity for the perfect care provider based on the unique and special needs and considerations of the children who need placement.

Licensing and Approval: The licensing and approval process for foster parents, family members, and other care providers is highly complex and layered with local and state policies that dictate not only the approval process, but also the approval exception and denial process. Our team not only knows these processes; we live them. Our solutions enable child welfare agencies to utilize a modern, digital, workflow based approach to licensing and approval to minimize the overall time of the approval lifecycle and maximize customer satisfaction in the process. Our natural language rule processing engine allows agencies to define the complex rules that govern this lifecycle so that approvals, exceptions, and denials are policy-based and transparent to the end-customer, ensuring consistency with every application.

These are a glimpse into experiences which include working at large Cities, large School Systems and large City Colleges networks, over the decades as examples we have accomplished our Public Sector efforts in Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore among others.

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