Public Sector

Public Sector

Management consulting and financial systems for the public sector.

Krasan Consulting is wrapping up a second decade of continuous business management consulting, financial systems, strategy consultancy, and solutions integration services in the public sector. Our work in this arena has been varied and enriching.

Our clients have trusted our corporate consulting expertise with their critical systems. Our technical expertise sets us apart from other management consulting firms.

We’ve implemented and supported COTS applications such as:

  • Enterprise Human Capital Systems
  • Financial Systems, and
  • Public Sector Planning and Budgeting

Our Management Consulting services have led us to working with the public sector in supporting systems and in transforming processes. This has also involved us in developing Loyalty Programs for a very large public transportation network. Our Application Modernization efforts have taken us to defining the roadmap in modernizing mainframe solutions into state-of-the-art technologies that support the large enterprise-wide Retirement Benefits and Pensions.

Our financial systems and software solutions have resulted in state-of-the-art DOT Capital and Construction Management systems that recognized the complexity of multiple grant funding and managed the financial life cycle of a project. By capturing job costing at a project and fund level it allowed us to budget and to invoice at each project stage, thereby recovering costs on a timely basis, while meeting grant commitments. This ground-up application replaced a legacy Project Management solution which was built on technology no longer supported. Starting with process review and engineering, designing state of the art development tools, this full lifecycle project was designed as a data driven solution using a hybrid and iterative methodology. The project included design, development, change management, process re-engineering, data conversion and migration and ad-hoc support as the customer required additional enhancements and maintenance.

Our Public Sector Exposure has also translated into offering integrated and holistic Child Welfare Transformation Solutions designed to modernize the way that child welfare agencies identify, recruit, license, evaluate and retain foster parents, adoptive parents, and relative care providers. The centerpiece of our solution is our “Smart Match” processes that use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to rapidly evaluate the strengths, needs, and special characteristics of each child so that child welfare agencies can find the ideal foster parents or care provider for them.

Intake and Investigation: Rapidly capturing the right information and getting it to the right people is critical to ensure later on that the child placement and the management of a Case occurs effectively. It starts with understanding the family history, with triggers on the family record that assists intake in recognizing a recurring problem immediately. Our solution aims to provide the needed information that supports investigations with real time data. The goal is to make smart proactive decisions early in the process so that agencies can find a good pair of foster parents or a care provider for the child.

Placement and Capacity Management: Successfully matching and placing children with out-of-home care providers in an effective and efficient manner is a constant struggle that is only compounded further by not having an accurate, up-to-date view into your foster care placement capacity at any given moment. Our bed-level view of care provider placement capacity enables you to know at an instant who’s available for placement. Our Smart-Match Technology allows you to then assess your available placement capacity for the perfect care provider based on the unique and special needs and considerations of the children who need placement.

Licensing and Approval: The licensing and approval process for foster parents, family members, and other care providers is highly complex and layered with local and state policies that dictate not only the approval process, but also the approval exception and denial process. Our team not only knows these processes; we live them. Our solutions enable child welfare agencies to utilize a modern, digital, workflow based approach to licensing and approval to minimize the overall time of the approval lifecycle and find the right foster parents or care provider, maximizing customer satisfaction in the process. Our natural language rule processing engine allows these child welfare agencies to define the complex rules that govern this lifecycle so that licensing and approval, exceptions, and denials are policy-based and transparent to the end-customer, ensuring consistency with every application.

These are a glimpse into experiences which include working in large Cities with large School Systems, child care providers and large City Colleges networks, over the decades as examples we have accomplished our Public Sector efforts in Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore among others.