Data Engineering & Analytics




Data Engineering now takes a front and center priority for many organizations as they deal with the myriad of information coming from different systems and from IoT sources (Big Data). It starts with the architecture of your data platforms to fit the organization’s purpose, and leads to the activities of converting your huge amounts of data to useful information, resulting in enlightened organizations.


The volume of data continues to increase every year. As the cost of storing massive amounts of data has fallen, organizations have piled up massive amounts of big data for analytics. While data analysts and scientists have unprecedented computing power at their fingertips, only a few companies have captured ideal returns on their investments in the areas of business intelligence and data analytics. Maximising insights from big data and business intelligence is more crucial than ever.

Krasan’s business intelligence and data analytics solutions have a proven track record of enabling big and small companies, city, state and federal agencies by implementing modern business intelligence and analytics architecture. Krasan’s solutions will help your business derive actionable insights that move the needle in a way other data analytics companies cannot.

Our seasoned BI and Data Analytics professionals, with an average tenure of 20 years, lend their expertise in setting up business processes, technical design and architecture, and governance framework that match industry best practices and quality standards. With our data engineering consulting, your company will set itself apart from other companies using data analytics. We are determined to provide the best business intelligence, data engineering and analytics solutions for your company.


Krasan’s Solutions

Krasan’s analytics solutions offer an assessment of your organization’s business intelligence, analytics, and big data maturity against industry standard capability maturity models.

Business Benefits

Our data engineering solutions deliver more than a report card showing your organization’s level of maturity. Upon completion of our assessment, your organization receives:

  • A detailed assessment report highlighting your company’s areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • A prioritized list of BI and data analytics initiatives to address your weaknesses
  • An actionable roadmap that will help you catapult to a higher maturity level
  • A complete data engineering analytics solution from mining massive amounts of data, to the visualisation of data and deriving insights.



Data Governance and Management

Krasan’s seasoned data management professionals help organizations develop data governance policies, data audit policies, data quality policies, data retention policies, as well as implementing a master data management and metadata repository.

Business Benefits:

Krasan’s Data Governance and Management solution enables your organization to realize the full potential of your investments in your BI, Data Analytics, and Big Data eco-system.  Your organization will realize immediate and long-term ROI from the following:

  • Gain trust in your data assets from improved data quality and consistency
  • Provide toolkits (framework, policies, and systems) to manage big data 
  • Enable business users make faster, reliable critical decisions