Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Secure your organization from an increasing number of threats and cyber attacks.

Today’s hyper connected constantly evolving landscape poses increasing and ever-changing risks and threats. It is imperative for enterprises to make cyber security one of their top business priorities. According to studies, businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to cyber attacks. Furthermore, maintaining a strong cyber security infrastructure is critical in winning the trust of your customers. Here are the top reasons to invest in an effective cyber security solution:

  • Protecting the sensitive information of your users from theft (for example, credit card information)
  • Protecting the confidential details of your company
  • Protecting your company finances
  • Cyber criminals are constantly evolving, with cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated.
  • Given the ever-changing landscape of cyber crime, businesses cannot rely solely on conventional solutions like firewalls and antivirus software. While they are a good first step, a lot more needs to be done to truly safeguard your technology infrastructure. 

Every business has its own set of challenges. Hence, instead of a one size fits all approach, we provide custom security consulting tailored to your business needs.

Krasan’s cyber security team helps our clients ensure their organization’s security by providing protection, monitoring, scanning for vulnerabilities and internet security consulting services. We help organizations define their security perimeters, risks, and goals, as well as the processes and procedures needed to detect and resolve security threats—even before they happen. We leverage our years of expertise in the cyber security consulting space to provide the most effective solutions for your organization.

Our Cyber security solutions include:

  • Threat intelligence and detection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Systems Security Assessment
  • Applications Security
  • Security Training
  • Cloud Security Certification for Products
  • Fill up existing chinks in your cyber security armour

Business Benefits:

  • Improve compliance
  • Detect and remediate cyber security threats faster
  • Reduce fraud, theft, and data leakage
  • Simplify security operations and reduce the burden on your security and network professionals
  • Setting operating procedures in place in case of cyber attacks

With an increasingly online world and increasingly sophisticated criminals, cyber security is an aspect of business no organization can ignore.