Application Development & Modernization

Application Development Services

Custom solutions for your specific business needs.

In today’s world where technology modernization is speeding up at an unprecedented pace, it is more essential than ever to evaluate and leverage existing informational technology investments and evolve into new investments where applicable. Whether you are to streamline internal business processes or leverage automation, Krasan Consulting provides an array of application development services to help you develop secure, scalable applications.  Krasan can help to increase efficiency in business cycles, integrate existing systems with new technologies such as Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning, or automate using Robotic Process automation.

We focus on your overall strategy and enable technology to support that via high-performance applications to serve your customer.

Custom Solutions

Krasan’s Application Development services help organizations develop custom solutions specific to their requirements. We work with our clients from analysis through development, to build systems that integrate processes—either by taking full responsibility or by collaborating with your in-house teams. Krasan’s Application Development Methodology employs Agile or Waterfall project management styles based on the type of application we will be developing and the client’s specific business needs. This helps us provide more effective application development services compared to other app development companies.

Our Application Development services include:

  • Roadmap planning 
  • Architecture Design tailored to your specific business needs
  • Prototyping 
  • Development, Testing, Deployment, and Support 
  • API Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development

Business Benefits

  • Applications designed to provide competitive advantage
  • Custom solutions specific to your requirements to help you meet your business goals
  • Through integration accelerate the pace at which transactions are processed.
  • Krasan’s application development services help the organization to track, monitor, and measure activities.
  • Produce practical solutions while leveraging existing investments
  • Methodical approach allows accurate measure of development progress
  • Our development services help your organization meet its business goals with speed and effectiveness at an affordable cost.
App Modernization

Whether we are applying technology to fill a gap or encompass a new business practice, one invariable starts with the existing portfolio aiming to extend past investments’ usefulness.

Sometimes, however, stretching that rubber band may break it.

Enterprises need to understand their IT inventory and business needs to balance between leveraging existing investments and moving to new development. It may mean enhancing what is in place or replacing legacy application solutions that do not fit anymore.

Our services will support clients by evaluating existing applications and determining the path for application modernization that effectively supports business goals.

In supporting Legacy Modernization, we provide application modernization services in:

  • Application Rationalization
  • Portfolio Evaluation and Management
  • Business Capability Assessment
  • Prototyping 
  • Transformation Strategy
  • Roadmap planning

Business Benefits

  • Capitalize on existing investment when possible
  • Clarity in investments required along with any business transformation
  • Roadmap to Modernize processes and technologies
  • Simplifying the existing legacy application portfolio.
Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility is the ability for all to access and enjoy information, technology products and services, regardless of an impairment or limitation. Applying that capability to information technology solutions is no trivial matter.

One in four people in the United States have some form of disability.  Institutions with a singular focus on access through digital technologies can face stiff penalties when their digital assets are not compliant.  Not only is there a legal risk, but the potential loss of revenue, damage to reputation and bad public relations make Accessibility a priority for many organizations. Designing for Accessibility when developing digital assets is the key, regardless of whether the asset is a website, a business application, or a PDF document.

Our services acknowledge that digital assets are dynamic and must not simply be verified for accessibility, but require vigilance through their life span.

Our Accessibility Services include:

  • Audit and Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Remediation Services
  • Education and Training
  • Governance
  • Legal Advisory

Business Benefits

  • Ongoing verification of digital assets can be outsourced
  • Complex regulations and changes are identified by experts
  • IT shops can focus on their business’ differentiators
  • Ongoing verification can be acquired as a service that frees up company personnel to more value-added activities
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As technology evolves and various disparate applications automate the siloed business process, the rise of tedium occurs. Tedious tasks are a lot of like cut and paste, moving between various applications to continue the workflow, or just performing routine, mundane tasks. Research shows that this is one of the unwanted side effects of the digital era.

Automation is not a new word or new process. Robotic Process Automation is not any different from various methods of automation we have developed and utilized over the years of technology modernization. RPA approaches automation from a different perspective using workflows just like the way a human does: By clicking, cutting, copying, and pasting data between apps, filling out digital forms, sending emails, and interacting with computers at the user level.

RPA technologies are modern tools with a basis in software bots and AI. RPA and AI bring many exciting solutions across diverse industries. It has become a mainstream focus for many industries as they are trying to integrate robotics and advanced digital technology platforms to achieve true automation. Using RPA tools one can create a “robot,” to capture and interpret information to process a transaction, manipulate data, and trigger a response. This entails a range of capabilities from reading documents, to collecting structured data with one or multiple bots aimed at integrating activities across a transaction.

The ease and power in use of RPA comes from the ability to watch the user perform tasks in an application’s graphical user interface (GUI), and then perform the automation by repeating those tasks directly in the GUI. Simpler said than done, Krasan Consulting services aim at ensuring that the design, process flow, and governance are in place to support an organization’s goal. At Krasan, we use RPA to automate business processes and drive efficiency and productivity. This automation will eliminate tedious tasks and free up workers to focus on work that is of higher value.

Our Robotic Process Automation services include:

  • Architecture Design
  • Tool Implementation
  • Prototyping 
  • Bots Development, and Testing
  • Training

Business Benefits

  • RPA will accelerate transaction speed and reduce associated human error by automating manual activities.
  • Revenue growth can be supported without increase in staff costs.
  • RPA and Bots are typically low-cost and easy to implement, with 3 to 12-week implementation cycles.
  • Enterprises can supercharge their automation efforts by injecting RPA with cognitive technologies such as ML, speech recognition, and natural language processing, automating higher-order tasks that in the past required the perceptual and judgment capabilities of humans.